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Keystage21, Inc.
Keystage21 is a social venture company to make a difference, solve a social problem, take a social action and contribute to a society by using media and ICT services, such as publishing, contents-making ,education etc..
Creativity & Innovation: Kestage21, Inc. aim to solve many problems in the 21st century in a creative and inovative way.

Keystage21, Inc has creativity and innovation for solving problems
Creativity and innovation are the keys to solove problems in the 21st century.

●Publishing & Contents service

●ICT Development & Internet service

●Education service & Consulting

●Policy research & consulting
Policy Research & Analysis, Leagal Research
Law-making & policy-making assistance
●Social Welfare Service
Care cervice for the elderly, Job assistance for disabled people

      Keystage21, Inc.
(postal address)
 4-7-2-818 Oyamagaoka, Machida-shi,
 Tokyo 194-0215, Japan
(email) info @keystage21.co.jp
( URL ) http://www.keystage21.co.jp/
(TEL) +081(0)42-779-0601
(FAX) +081(0)42-779-0603